So you want your own piece of BunnyPaws?

Look no further!
Here at Bunnypaws, I pride myself on working closely with the client to help bring their character to life. I make sure to send plenty of WIP photos, all decisions are discussed before proceeding, and making sure we get something that matches their request as closely as possible.
Artistic Liberty suits are always welcome! Drop me a message and I'll design/create something based on an idea that you've created, a mood board, or even a complete surprise! I love doing these as it gives me opportunity to explore new methods and unusual designs.
I open for commissions a few times a year. Make sure to follow my socials for updates :) I don't have a queue for longer than a year so spaces are limited! Apply via email or twitter DM (find these on the Contact page).
Please read the terms before applying for a slot!

Prices current to Jan 2024

All prices in GBP. Prices may change depending on fur required and complexity of your design. Shipping not included.

Fursuit Pricing

Prices start at £1200
I mostly work with 3D printed headbases by Maim, but am more than happy to work with cast foam! there are pros and cons to each type, it entirely depends on the wearer.
Optional extras include Velcro eyelids, posable ears, removable eyes, horns, hair floof, zip entry, extra tongues, and more.

Starting at £1500
All digi suits have removable pillows for padding, and front zip entry. Extras could be zip on tail, hidden pockets, extra zips, and ventilation mesh.

Hand Paws
Starting at £150
Extras include puffy beans, extra puffy beans, claws (soft, vinyl, resin, or printed), finger escapes, and connectable armsleeves.

Starting at £250
Optional extras include rubber outdoor soles, claws, and soft indoor soles.

Starting at £50
So many options here! everything from cute lil nubs to massive show-stopping floor draggers!

Mini Partial (head, paws, tail) Starting at £1400
Full Planti from £3000
Full Digi from £3700

Kigurumi Pricing

Prices start at £400
Price increases with amount of colours and complexity of markings.
Optional extras include hood holes for partialling (the head ears/horns go through the hood!), waist holes for wearing a belt tail, adult zips, Fur chest/mane, and fur tail.

Other Work

Fursuit collar From £60
Body Harness From £200
Suit Alterations £TBD
Custom Extras £TBD

Cute Pink Bunny Wagging Ear